Future Events

Scouters! We’re still scouting!

We’re pleased to let you know we are at ‘Green’.

This change means that all Scouting activities can resume so long as they are safe to do so and following the remaining guidance.

Of course, safety is uppermost in our mind so we will ensure that all our activities are planned with consideration to the current situation to keep our members safe.

Bear says...

'Two things matter in life: following your dreams and looking after your friends. That's what I love about Scouts.'

Bear Grylls
Chief Scout


We believe in preparing young people with skills for life. We encourage our young people to do more, learn more and be more.

Skills for Life – Young people deserve the character, employability and practical skills to succeed.

Belonging – Young people brought together to enjoy fun, friendship and adventure in a place they can belong.

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